Armpit Licking

Sexy european dominatrix is really eager to put her slave in his place, starting off with some physical punishment in the form of ear pulling, yanking on his ugly ear and taunting him while he struggles not to pull away and make things worse. Wearing her bra, fantastic seamed pantyhose, and high heels, the sight of her hot body has her slave thinking dirty thoughts which require further punishment. Mischievously, she decides to smother him in her armpit, mashing his face beneath her arm and holding him there to teach him a lesson. The smothering seems to work, since he quickly becomes more obedient, worshiping his Mistress’ armpit by licking her eagerly, although she keeps her hand on the back of his head to ensure he doesn’t try and stop. The guy understands well enough, obviously doing whatever it will take to get back in his hot Mistress’ good graces.