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Femdom Torture

Femdom Whipping Torture

Femdom whip
Brutal femdom whipping

At first glance you would never suspect Lizzy to be one incredibly sadistic girl. She looks just like the girl next door, all sugar spice and everything nice. What you wouldn’t know is that she absolutely loves to torture men until they are brought to tears. She loves men very much but what she really loves is when they show their love and devotion to her by suffering for her. This slave learns that well today. It all starts nice as Lizzy gives her slave a sweet kiss, she really does love him after all. Then the whipping begins and it’s such a severe nonstop whipping that this slave is brought to the brink, barely able to hold back crying as the pain is so intense. Lizzy loves this part best, when the slave is at the edge of just crying from enduring the pain she is inflicting on him, so she continues to torture her loving pet. It may perhaps seem a touch odd but this is how Lizzy shows her love for men, by torturing them and feeding off their suffering that they willingly offer in return. Eventually his hell ends, with this slave now being marked for life with Lizzy’s love scars, and she cradles his head softly and thanks him for suffering for her.



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